A healthy lifestyle can help us to succeed throughout our life. It may be hard to find the time & energy for regular exercise or consume healthy food. In general when we gradually loss our health then we realize the actual value of health & try to be conscious about it. So it is said that “HEALTH IS THE REAL WEALTH”.

If we remain conscious before illness then we can’t expect that how better our life will be! There are some easiest steps to maintain our lifestyle healthy. These steps are easy to implement & these are very beneficial for us.

1. Daily physical & mental Exercise

Always try to be physically active. Everyday we have to make regular excercise for 45 minutes by walking 8000 steps, performing yogasana & using stairs in case of elevator or lift. For mentally healthy we should Meditate at-least for 15 minutes and try to read any thing for 2 to 3 hours . Meditation increases our thinking capacity and keeps us free from unnecessary thinking.

2.Sleep properly

A complete sleep makes us physically & mentally healthy.So we have to sleep in a proper posture. Always try to sleep at-least for 6 hours a day. Always try to sleep with our left side down because our stomach is in our left side. If we sleep on our right side down, the position of stomach is disturbed which causes digestion problem, disturbance in blood flow, heart burn due to acidity etc.

3.Drink water sufficiently

According to National Academy of sciences water requirement for men is 3.7 liters & for women is 2.7 liters per day. Water carries nutrients & oxygen to all cells in our body. It allows the body to absorb minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other substances. It also helps to flush toxins and wastes by excretion & also regulates to maintain body temperature.

Genarally we don’t drink water as our body needs. For that we have a best option. Download this app to drink water properly. Click below


4.Maintain a healthy diet

Every type of food is required for us to stay healthy. If we maintain a proper diet then we will be free from various common diseases like Diabetes, Heart problem etc. But we don’t know how much calories our body needs! To maintain a healthy diet click below & download this app.


5.Chew food 32 times

Whatever we eat always try to chew at least for 32 times. According to Ayurveda maximum disease comes from indigestion from stomach. If we keep healthy our stomach then we will be healthy. If we chew the food properly then it churned properly, mixed with saliva & there is no problem in digestion. If we chew the junk food & spicy food 32 times then it becomes flavorless & if we chewed the non spicy boiled food for 32 times it becomes tasty. If we implement this habit to our life then we will have no interest in junk & spicy foods. we can maintain a healthy life.